Graham Smith Biography

Graham Smith

Graham Smith been involved with the republican cause for twenty years, employed as Republic’s lead campaigner and CEO since 2005.


He brings to his subject a wealth of knowledge, but also a wealth of experience in making effective arguments, challenging monarchists and winning people over to the cause. He has participated in countless live debates, including at Oxford, Cambridge and Durham Unions, and has been on the Today Programme, BBC Breakfast, BBC News, Sky News, Channel 5 News, ITN, countless local and national radio programmes as well as CNN, Al Jazeera, ABC (America), ABC (Australia), CBC, France 24 and ZDF (Germany), as well as interviewed for or quoted in all the UK’s national and devolved press, the New York Times, Washington Post and much, much more.


Graham has also written comment pieces for a diverse range of titles, including the Guardian, Express, The National (Scotland) and Newsweek.