The Mystery of Men
Guy Bellamy

The Mystery of Men

By the time Julian Wyatt jogs his way to the local public house for his nightly orange juice, Oscar Mansfield is already on his fourth whisky. One sight of the perspiring executive gives the magnanimous Oscar a brilliant idea. A guaranteed earner, with a touch of the lottery thrown in… What if one were to gamble on longevity? What if one could get an insurance policy on a friend’s early demise?

Soon four men are in the syndicate, insuring their lives and waiting for some tax-free cash. But with a little help from the women in their lives, fate is about to throw a riotous chain of mishaps their way.

Book Details:

  • Author: Guy Bellamy
  • Published Year: 1996
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Simon & Schuster
Guy Bellamy

Guy Bellamy

Guy Bellamy was born in Bristol but lived mostly in Surrey. After National Service in Germany with the RAF, he went into journalism and worked on newspapers in Cornwall, Bournemouth, Brighton and Fleet Street including the Daily Express and Sun. He died in 2015.
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Book Reviews

  • "Splendid entertainment."
    Mail on Sunday
  • "Benign malice and a raft of gags."
    The Times
  • "The funniest writer in Britain."
    Sunday Mercury, Birmingham
  • "Our hottest tip for this summer is The Mystery of Men."
    Daily Mail