The Sinner's Congregation
Guy Bellamy

The Sinner's Congregation

Named after a trip to see South Pacific, the Bali Hotel stands not in the South Seas but in a remote corner of Southern England. Reluctantly owned by Martin Lomax, the Bali has a bar that provides refuge to residents and a group of eccentric locals including the sharp-tongued, gin-swilling Mrs Stapleton and her verbal sparring partner Adam.

One fateful day, however, the mirth and merriment of the Bali is clouded by the arrival of a spectre from Martin’s past. His name is Edwin Catchpole and to say that he is a vicious brute would be flattery. To Martin, the opportunity to even the score is far too tempting to resist…

Book Details:

  • Author: Guy Bellamy
  • Published Year: 1982
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Secker & Warburg
Guy Bellamy

Guy Bellamy

Guy Bellamy was born in Bristol but lived mostly in Surrey. After National Service in Germany with the RAF, he went into journalism and worked on newspapers in Cornwall, Bournemouth, Brighton and Fleet Street including the Daily Express and Sun. He died in 2015.
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Book Reviews

  • "Zany, with snappy dialogue and nice throw-away lines, the story carries a genuine sense of lonely tragedy beneath the chuckles."
    Sunday Express
  • "Crackles with aphorisms….a powerful novel."
    Daily Express
  • "High comedy…high entertainment."
    New Yorker