James Hannam Biography

James Hannam

Dr James Hannam took his first degree in Physics at Oxford University before embarking on a successful financial career in the City. Then, after completing an MA in Historical Research at Birkbeck College London, James moved to Cambridge University to study for PhD at its renowned History of Science department. While there, he received several prizes and scholarships. His thesis was on the reception of medieval science in the sixteenth century.

In his spare time, James is a keen cook and enjoys growing his own vegetables. He lives in Kent with his wife and two children.

How I Found the Agency

It was really very easy. Andrew has a prominent web site which I quickly found as soon as I started looking for an agent. The website made clear that he specialised in non-fiction and had several authors on his books whose work I greatly respect. Because he was happy to receive an initial approach by email, I had heard back from him before I had even managed to send anything out by post to other agents. I was also very impressed by how quickly he was able to reach a decision on my proposed book.

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