Jan McCann Biography

Jan McCann

For many years, Jan McCann worked by day as a bookseller, while by night she was a jazz saxophonist. Since 1999 she has worked as a freelance copy-editor, proof-reader, and book reviewer, specialising in travel, geography, art, and natural history. She started writing in 2009, and is the co-author of The Book of 365. She has recently completed the manuscript of a book on the American artist Walter De Maria, and is now planning her next book ‒ about ice as a source of inspiration for artists. She has a PhD and first-class BA in Art History and a BSc in Geography. She lives within a seagull’s cry of the beautiful South Devon coast, and spends her spare time walking along the cliff-tops. 

How I Found the Agency

The Andrew Lownie Agency was recommended to me by Hugh Brazier, my co-author on The Book of 365. I was particularly delighted by the speedy response to our initial proposal. I have also been impressed by the encouragement and advice I have received, as well as by the Agency’s professional yet relaxed approach.

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