A Self-Made Man: The Diary of a Man Born in a Woman’s Body
Jane Warren

A Self-Made Man: The Diary of a Man Born in a Woman’s Body

Twenty-eight-year-old Paul Hewitt was born female. A Self-Made Man is his compelling diary – sometimes painful, often funny and always intensely revealing – of his sex change. Until five years ago Paul was a feminine-looking woman called Martine. She dressed in mini-skirts, wore red lipstick and had fine blonde hair. But in her early twenties, Martine acknowledged that she was a transsexual suffering from a medical condition called gender identity crisis. Her sex changes was an act of pure survival.
Paul’s diary, written with his natural up-beat humour and honesty, takes the reader on the roller coaster of his emotions as he embarks on his new life: his elation as he starts his hormone injections, his delight at his first shave, his thrill when his penis arrives in the post, and finally his joy at the double mastectomy that liberates him from a curvaceous female body. In this new paperback edition of his diary he records his life since this major operation and his success in his male role.
A Self-Made Man tells of the painful psychological shift Paul’s decision has entailed, the extraordinary physical changes he has undergone, the effects on his family and relationships. But above all, it shows his relief at becoming what he has always known himself to be, a heterosexual man.

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Jane Warren

Jane Warren

Jane Warren is an accomplished ghost writer with more than 18 years experience. She has ghosted six non-fiction titles and has also written two non-fiction books under her own name.  Her publishers have included Harper Collins and Hodder Headline. In 1997, she ghosted One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS for Harper Collins. This was the story of a female undercover agent who spied for the SAS in Northern Ireland. It attracted a six-figure advance and was serialised in the Mail on Sunday over three weeks. In 2003, she co-wrote Fear-Busting: A Proven Plan to Beat Fear and Change You...
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  • "A passionate, witty story with a happy ending."
    Sunday Telegraph