Fear-Busting: A Proven Plan to Beat Fear and Change Your Life
Jane Warren

Fear-Busting: A Proven Plan to Beat Fear and Change Your Life

Do you worry bout making mistakes?
Are you afraid to try, in case you fail?
Do you make do with your life because you are afraid of change?
It doesn’t have to be this way. In Fear Busting, GMTV life strategist Pete Cohen introduces the simple techniques that give you the confidence to overcome any fear and seize your personal power, so you can experience self-confidence and happiness in everything you do.
By following Pete’s motivational plan, you can change the way you see your life, so that challenges become chances, threats become opportunities and no obstacle is insurmountable.

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  • Author: Jane Warren
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Jane Warren

Jane Warren

Jane Warren is an accomplished ghost writer with more than 18 years experience. She has ghosted six non-fiction titles and has also written two non-fiction books under her own name.  Her publishers have included Harper Collins and Hodder Headline. In 1997, she ghosted One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS for Harper Collins. This was the story of a female undercover agent who spied for the SAS in Northern Ireland. It attracted a six-figure advance and was serialised in the Mail on Sunday over three weeks. In 2003, she co-wrote Fear-Busting: A Proven Plan to Beat Fear and Change You...
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Book Reviews

  • "Pete Cohen’s expertise is matched only by his enthusiasm for helping people improve their lives...from those with complex problems to sports champions."
    Paul McKenna.
  • "I’ve seen Pete make a difference to people’s lives and I believe he can make a difference to yours."
    Roger Black, MBE, former Olympic athlete.
  • "Pete Cohen is a star. He managed to change 25 years of bad habits into healthy ones. This is no fad – it’s permanent transformation."
    Katie Agnew, Editor of Marie Claire.
  • "Pete Cohen’s ability to help people transcend their unwanted habits, fears and phobias is amazing. With his methods, so very much is possible."
    Dr Hilary Jones.