One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS
Jane Warren

One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS

What makes a woman join the most secretive and dangerous unit of Special Forces? What keeps her there? How does she cope with the rigorous physical and psychological traning, including ‘simulated terrorist interrogations’, the often deadly missions, the relentless pressures of a macho world, and the sex? One Up (the military term for someone travelling solo on a surveillance mission) is the electrifying first-person account of an exceptional young woman’s experiences of action and adventure – the first book ever written by a female member of an SAS unit.

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  • Author: Jane Warren
  • On Submission
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Jane Warren

Jane Warren

Jane Warren is an accomplished ghost writer with more than 18 years experience. She has ghosted six non-fiction titles and has also written two non-fiction books under her own name.  Her publishers have included Harper Collins and Hodder Headline. In 1997, she ghosted One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS for Harper Collins. This was the story of a female undercover agent who spied for the SAS in Northern Ireland. It attracted a six-figure advance and was serialised in the Mail on Sunday over three weeks. In 2003, she co-wrote Fear-Busting: A Proven Plan to Beat Fear and Change You...
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Book Reviews

  • "The astonishing story of the young woman who operated undercover with the SAS...the ultimate woman in a man’s world...sensational."
    Mail on Sunday
  • "To say Ford’s style is hard-boiled is something of an understatement. Were her prose more brittle, the pages would snap with the strain. Hers is a story of survival on the streets of Northern Ireland was one of only a handful of women to work in an elite army unit attached to the SAS, conducting surveillance operations in some of the most hostile areas in the province....Ford’s story is significant as hers is the first female voice that has reported back from such a secretive area."
    The Guardian
  • "The prologue is realistic, with a convincing narrative conveying the tension and humour of an IRA surveillance operation in which the suspected terrorist is not carrying a weapon but merely a spirit level...exciting narrative...what is more, she was a better shot than I am – and many other Special Forces men...The writer who ghosted [the book] manages to convey the language and humour of Det life. The book also re-creates maximum excitement"
    Andy McNab, Sunday Times
  • "A boost for untraditional femininity."
    Daily Express
  • "As a pistol-packing woman in a Special Forces unit in Northern Ireland, Sarah Ford was one tough cookie. She was sent into deadly dangerous IRA estates and villages to gather information on known terrorists for the SAS. From the Navy, Ford emerged as the finest shot on the brutal selection course for the secret 14 Intelligence Company. Her strength of belief and character are stamped on the book in her hard-nosed style – she recalls the killing of terrorists as matter-of-factly as she does her sexual liaisons in the unit. Ford finally became a trusted member of a crack surveillance team. She still found time to write poetry to her mum, though. "
    Daily Mail
  • "Sarah’s book pulls no punches...she operated in one of the world’s most dangerous troublespots among the most macho group of men. She survived by being as rough and tough as them; her sensational new book prompted the Ministry of Defence to clamp down on SAS personnel writing their memoirs."
    Mail on Sunday