Simply Ayurveda: Discover Your Type to Transform Your Life
Jane Warren

Simply Ayurveda: Discover Your Type to Transform Your Life

In Simply Ayurveda Bharti Vyas shows you simple and practical ways to enhance health and beauty using Ayurveda – making India’s ancient holistic healing system easy for anyone to use.
Use the book to find out your Ayurvedic type (dosha) and discover how your dosha helps to determine your temperament, emotions, body shape, skin type and metabolism. When our doshas are not in balance we experience specific health problems. Simply Ayurveda helps you to work out what type you are and how you can create balance in your health and your life.

  • Skincare remedies and aromatherapy oils
  • Herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Ayurvedic massage for body, face and scalp
  • Yoga stretches, meditation and breathing
  • Detox and purification treatments for the whole body
  • Delicious healthy meals to rebalance your dosha

Book Details:

  • Author: Jane Warren
  • On Submission
  • All rights are available
Jane Warren

Jane Warren

Jane Warren is an accomplished ghost writer with more than 18 years experience. She has ghosted six non-fiction titles and has also written two non-fiction books under her own name.  Her publishers have included Harper Collins and Hodder Headline. In 1997, she ghosted One Up: A Woman in Action with the SAS for Harper Collins. This was the story of a female undercover agent who spied for the SAS in Northern Ireland. It attracted a six-figure advance and was serialised in the Mail on Sunday over three weeks. In 2003, she co-wrote Fear-Busting: A Proven Plan to Beat Fear and Change You...
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Book Reviews

  • "A heady-mix of hands-on therapy, Indian mysticism and common sense."
    Sunday Telegraph
  • "...undoubtedly the hottest guru in town."
    Daily Mail
  • "Here at last is a book that makes [Ayurveda] easier to grasp. It’s packed with practical advice for anyone wanting to adopt key elements of Ayurveda. A fascinating read."
    Health & Fitness Magazine
  • "What I like about Bharti’s approach to beauty is that it is spiritual as well as practical. I adore her saying, “when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful."