Jimmy Tippett Junior Biography

Jimmy Tippett Junior

Jimmy Tippett Junior was born into a life of crime in South London. His formative years were spent within an environment of notorious gangsters and, in many aspects, this formed part of his education. But despite bunking off school to work at his dad’s spieler, he still managed to leave Hayes Comprehensive School with a few GCSEs. His headteacher had high hopes, telling his parents: “Jimmy will go far.”

However a legitimate career was never really on the cards for Jimmy. When he left school he took on small roles in films, but the lure of the underworld was far too strong and, by the mid 1990s, he was one of the most recognised faces of South London’s gangland. His life of crime led to him being jailed on numerous occasions - his sentences rarely acting as deterrents.

Although he openly admits: “I’ve never done an honest day’s work in my life,” Jimmy is now trying to put his criminal life behind him. An aspiring television star, he is often asked to appear on true crime documentary programmes and he now hopes to pursue a career in acting.

He lives in London with his girlfriend Jacquie.

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