Dealing With the Dragon: A Year in the New Hong Kong
Jonathan Fenby

Dealing With the Dragon: A Year in the New Hong Kong

An account of a year in the life of Hong Kong since its turnover by Britain to the Chinese in 1997 addresses such topics as the area's business and financial machinations, political intrigue, and the dealings of Macau's Triad gangsters. 

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  • Author: Jonathan Fenby
  • Published Year: 2001
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Little Brown
    • US: Arcade
Jonathan Fenby

Jonathan Fenby

Jonathan Fenby has published twenty books, mainly on modern global history, China and France. In a journalistic career spanning four decades, he was Editor of The Observer, the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong (during the handover from Britain to China) and Reuters World Service. He also held senior editorial posts at The Economist, The Independent and The Guardian and has been a foreign correspondent in Vietnam, Germany and France where he spent twelve years working for Reuters, The Economist and The Times. After returning to the UK from Hong Kong in 2000, he was a founding partner of...
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Book Reviews

  • "At their strongest, the diary format and Fenby's journalistic outlook lend power and immediacy to the often dramatic events transpiring on both sides of the border within one year."
    Publisher’s Weekly