Tiger Head, Snake Tails: : China Today, How it Got There and Where it is Heading
Jonathan Fenby

Tiger Head, Snake Tails: :  China Today, How it Got There and Where it is Heading

Named as a book of the year by Financial Times, Guardian, Bloomberg Business Week

This is a comprehensively updated account of where China stands today, covering the generational change in the leadership completed in March 2013, the Bo Xilai scandal and the changing course of the world's second largest economy and the last major state ruled by a Communist Party. Named as a book of the year by the Guardian, the Financial Times and Bloombery Business Week, it lays out the reality behind the spectacular statistics and explains why China has to change if it is to maintain its development and avoid major internal problems China's importance as an increasingly significant global force is a phenomenon of our times, but the world's most heavily populated nation has a history of catastrophe and tragedy, tyranny and repression, abject poverty, unfair business practice and corruption - and now faces environmental degradation and a demographic time bomb. In this compelling and lucid account based on years of research and first-hand experience, Jonathan Fenby links together the myriad features of today's China. He delivers a unique and coherent picture of its essence and evolution and contemplates its future - both alone and connected to the world around it.

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  • Author: Jonathan Fenby
  • Published Year: 2012
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    • UK: Simon & Schuster
    • US: Overlook
Jonathan Fenby

Jonathan Fenby

Jonathan Fenby has published twenty books, mainly on modern global history, China and France. In a journalistic career spanning four decades, he was Editor of The Observer, the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong (during the handover from Britain to China) and Reuters World Service. He also held senior editorial posts at The Economist, The Independent and The Guardian and has been a foreign correspondent in Vietnam, Germany and France where he spent twelve years working for Reuters, The Economist and The Times. After returning to the UK from Hong Kong in 2000, he was a founding partner of...
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Book Reviews

  • "Fenby not only understands the complete picture of China, but is also able to interpret the situation and connect the data. A real achievement."
    Caixin magazine, China
  • "Timely and brilliantly documented…Superb analysis."
    Will Hutton, The Observer
  • "An invaluable primer to the general reader who wants to mug up on China."
    Literary Review.
  • "A compelling, rich and readable account…an entertaining and authoritative book that everyone involved with China will want to read."
    Ian Morris, author of Why the West Rules.
  • "An engrossing and highly informative dissection of the complexities of China today."
    Professor David Shambaugh, George Washington University.
  • "A bestselling examination of modern China by an experienced and fluent commentator."
    Financial Times