Will China Dominate the 21st Century?
Jonathan Fenby

Will China Dominate the 21st Century?

China's spectacular growth and expanding global role have led to visions of the 21st century being dominated by the last major state on earth ruled by a Communist Party. In this new edition of his widely acclaimed book, renowned China expert Jonathan Fenby shows why such assumptions are wrong. He presents an analysis of China under Xi Jinping which explores the highly significant political, economic, social and international challenges it faces, each involving structural difficulties that will put the system under strain.

Based on the author's extensive knowledge of contemporary China and his close analysis of Xi's leadership, this incisive book offers a pragmatic view of where the country is heading at a time when its future is too important an issue for wishful theorizing.

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  • Author: Jonathan Fenby
  • Published Year: 2017
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    • UK: Polity
Jonathan Fenby

Jonathan Fenby

Jonathan Fenby has published twenty books, mainly on modern global history, China and France. In a journalistic career spanning four decades, he was Editor of The Observer, the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong (during the handover from Britain to China) and Reuters World Service. He also held senior editorial posts at The Economist, The Independent and The Guardian and has been a foreign correspondent in Vietnam, Germany and France where he spent twelve years working for Reuters, The Economist and The Times. After returning to the UK from Hong Kong in 2000, he was a founding partner of...
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Book Reviews

  • "A very readable and plausible take on why China will not dominate the twenty–first century."
    International Affairs
  • "Leading China commentator Jonathan Fenby s latest book on China′s position in the world offers a nuanced picture of the country′s strengths and weaknesses."
    China Daily
  • "Fenby understands to its deepest roots the nature of Chinese Communist Party rule and its effect throughout society. The Party will, therefore, hate his eloquent and merciless dissection of its entire record and performance. But readers new to China should start right here."
    Jonathan Mirsky, Times Higher Education
  • "In the flood of books on China, this is one of the most concise and clearly written."
    The Age
  • "Superbly concise; with over 30 years experience of covering China, Fenby is able to distil complex ideas down to their core elements and burnish them with accompanying illustrative anecdotes."
    LSE Review of Books
  • "An excellent summary of the broad spectrum of very serious issues China faces in the immediate future."
    Fraser Howie, author of Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China′s Extraordinary
  • "An excellent, current guide to the challenges and dangers ahead for modern China. It describes, with verve and insight, why the ′China Dream′ may lead to a chilly awakening. Fenby, a delightful writer, explains why China will not dominate the 21st century, with compelling critiques and a sharp, clear summary of its economic and political challenges."
    Robert B. Zoellick, former president of the World Bank Group, U.S. Trade Representative, and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
  • "Jonathan Fenby offers a well–informed and balanced assessment of China′s past and prospects, recognising its remarkable economic achievements but also noting the huge economic, social and political challenges it confronts. China will not, he concludes, dominate the world in the 21st century. He is almost certainly right."
    Martin Wolf, Financial Times
  • "A smart, wise, well written essay which answers with much common sense and learning one of the biggest questions of our time. "
    Chris Patten
  • "In this brief but thought–provoking book, acclaimed China specialist Jonathan Fenby challenges and punctures a number of myths about China′s rise and offers valuable insights its current dilemmas and unpredictable future. A stimulating ′must read′ for all observers of the China scene."
    David Shambaugh, George Washington University and the Brookings Institution
  • "Jonathan Fenby has managed a highly impressive feat: within a short and elegant text, he has pinpointed the real challenges facing China today if it is truly to become a global actor that will play a serious role in the coming century. The insights give us a road–map for what we might expect from this superpower in the making. A compelling and essential read from a premier China analyst. "
    Rana Mitter, author of China′s War with Japan, 1937–1945: The Struggle for Survival
  • "China is a bubble in multiple ways – not least in the way its supposed never–ending rise is interpreted and understood in the west. Jonathan Fenby shows courage and insight in pricking the bubble in this important book."
    Will Hutton
  • "Fenby′s thoughtful, balanced analysis of what China has achieved, how it has done so, and the challenges ahead is an excellent corrective to the surfeit of overly laudatory and excessively dire assessments of China′s future and its implications for the world."
    Thomas Fingar, Stanford University
  • "In this spirited and insightful book, Jonathan Fenby takes on the China bulls with a clear–eyed look at China s dysfunctional political system, which does not appear up to the task of tackling the social, legal, economic, environmental, demographic and security challenges facing the country. Highly recommended."
    Joseph Fewsmith, Boston University, author of The Logic and Limits of Political Reform in China