Keelan Leyser Biography

Keelan  Leyser


Keelan Leyser is an Illusionist and Mentalist based in Las Vegas. Keelan boasts an impressive list of accolades, including being voted by his peers as the British Magic Champion of General Magic and British Magic Grand Prix Champion at the World's largest magic congress.


Keelan has appeared on over 100 television programs and has been the subject of is own BBC documentary entitled "The Magical World of Keelan Leyser." He is an accomplished keynote speaker who frequently presents at high-profile corporate conferences for companies including IBM, Unilever, Cisco, T-Mobile and Coca-Cola.


Keelan has developed a substantial global fanbase with over a million subscribers across his YouTube and TikTok channels and hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. The viral clips of his digital and optical illusions have gained hundreds of millions of views. He has performed in more than 60 countries during his prolific career and also had the honour of performing for royal families such as King Charles and the Kings of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.


As a notable creator of digital and optical illusions, Keelan provides unique insights into psychology, imagination, creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making. Keelan offers a fascinating look at his mastery of perception-based magic acts designed to "trick" the human mind.


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