Genesis of the Grail Kings
Laurence Gardner

Genesis of the Grail Kings

From beneath the windswept sands of Mesopotamia comes the documented legacy of the creation chamber of the Anunnaki overlords, and the story of original kingship. With direct comparisons between Bible scripture and the original texts from which the Old Testament derived, a very different and highly controversial picture emerges. Genesis of the Grail Kings opens the door to forgotten archival records which give stunning insight into the evolutionary Missing Link and the extraordinary scientific achievements of long distant times. Adam and Eve were not the first man and woman on Earth, but they were certainly the first of a kind, and their explosive story was recorded 2,000 years before the book of Genesis was ever devised.

Only during the past 150 years have the great storehouses of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Syrian and Canaanite record been unearthed. First-hand documentary evidence from long before Bible times has now emerged on stone, clay, parchment and papyrus, and these tens of thousands of documents bear witness to a far more exciting history than was previously apparent. It is now clear that there is a distinct difference between what we have been taught, and what was once written by those who were there at the time.

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  • Author: Laurence Gardner
  • Published Year: 1999
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Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner, who sadly died in August 2010, was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a Knight Templar, holding a number of chivalric offices in Western and Central Europe. Best known as a revisionist and constitutional historian, Laurence was a regular transatlantic broadcaster giving lecture presentations around the world in centres such as London, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Sydney.Formerly Conservation Consultant to the Fine Art Trade Guild, his libretto compositions have been performed at London’s Royal Opera House...
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    Hatchard's of London
  • "Laurence Gardner’s narrative is epic in its scope and implications. Most scholarly and awe-inspiring."
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