Realm of the Ring Lords
Laurence Gardner

Realm of the Ring Lords

The legendary quests for the One Ring and the Holy Grail are brought together for the very first time in the same arena. From Arthurian romance to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, these stories are enveloped within the magical lore of Elphame. However, the myths are based on no mere fantasy, but on an engaging and continual history of real events and characters in descent from the ancient Ring Lords of Scythia.

The enchanting history of the Ring Lords has been largely confined to popular mythology and half-remembered battles between good and evil. The ancient guardians of our culture have never featured positively in academic teachings, although they were once venerated as the Shining Ones. Instead, their reality was quashed and their story diminished. This led to a parallel diminution of their physical presence, and their revered noble existence dwindled into tales of fairies, elves and pixies.

Dealing with numerous aspects, from Sleeping Beauty to Robin Hood and Count Dracula, Realm of the Ring Lords reveals how a prestigious sovereign heritage has been strategically suppressed by parliamentary and church doctrine, facilitated by a forged document which has controlled all monarchical and governmental practices in Western Europe for over 1,200 years.

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  • Author: Laurence Gardner
  • Published Year: 2001
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Harper Collins
    • Bulgarian: Vessela Lutskanova
    • Italy: Newton & Compton Editori
    • France: Éditions Dervy
    • Russia: Fair Press
    • Dutch: Uitgeversmaatschappij Tirion
    • Estonia: Olion
    • Japan: Seiryu Publishing
    • Germany: Ullstein Buchverlag
    • Turkey: Alfa Yayinevi
Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner, who sadly died in August 2010, was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a Knight Templar, holding a number of chivalric offices in Western and Central Europe. Best known as a revisionist and constitutional historian, Laurence was a regular transatlantic broadcaster giving lecture presentations around the world in centres such as London, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Sydney.Formerly Conservation Consultant to the Fine Art Trade Guild, his libretto compositions have been performed at London’s Royal Opera House...
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Book Reviews

  • "This is a truly essential title."
  • "Gardner has done an admirable job in awakening us to a vast, rich, underground stream of history."
    Nexus Magazine
  • "The book presents a fascinating, and a genuinely thrilling, revisionist approach to established, and all too familiar European folk myth."
    Devon Life
  • "This book is a ‘must’. Whatever you do, read it."
    The Pagan Press