The Grail Enigma
Laurence Gardner

The Grail Enigma

This unique and controversial book begins where others have ended. Texts from the early centuries of the Christian era give details of numerous characters and events that were strategically suppressed in ecclesiastical doctrine. Within these documents are records concerning the descendent family of Jesus, a dynastic bloodline identified in the Vatican Archive as the ‘Heirs of the Lord’. Much

has been written and discussed in recent times about the possibility of such a lineage, but first-hand historical evidence of the family has never yet been satisfactorily presented. Through a process of documentary analysis, The Grail Enigma now reveals the facts of this sacred genealogical descent.

Packed with intrigue, the chronicles of messianic heritage cast fascinating new light on the reality of the persecuted inheritors. Individually produced manuscripts from Judaea, Greece, Turkey, France, Alexandria, Britain and Rome are consistent in their revelatory portrayals. Ecumenical, monastic and secular annals are mutually supportive in their ongoing accounts of the victimized heirs. The Grail Enigma follows the course of a desperate family that was hounded by the Church for centuries. Complete with all original source references, this fiercely guarded information, held secret for so long, is now disclosed in a fully defined generational progression.

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  • Author: Laurence Gardner
  • Published Year: 2008
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Harper Collins
    • Italy: Newton Compton
    • Bulgaria: Bard Publishing
    • France: Editions Guy Tredaniel
    • Holland: Tirion Uitgevers
    • Spain: Ediciones Obelisco
    • Romania: RAO
    • Hungary: Gold Book
Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner, who sadly died in August 2010, was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a Knight Templar, holding a number of chivalric offices in Western and Central Europe. Best known as a revisionist and constitutional historian, Laurence was a regular transatlantic broadcaster giving lecture presentations around the world in centres such as London, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Sydney.Formerly Conservation Consultant to the Fine Art Trade Guild, his libretto compositions have been performed at London’s Royal Opera House...
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  • "Informative and controversial in spades."