Lee Trimble Biography

Lee Trimble

Lee Trimble has degrees from Pennsylvania State University (BS)  and Stevens Institute of Technology (MS). He began his career as a researcher with Bell Laboratories for 25 years, honing expertise as a technical writer for scientific journals, and speaker at international symposia.

He turned to narrative writing with his first book: Fighting Bastard of the Ukraine, which was the result of a shocking confession from his 85-year-old father. Believing his father’s assertions were the confused musings of an old man, four years passed before casual, then serious research confirmed his amazing story.

After 31 years in research, Lee turned to dog training. He has been happily engaged in the salvation of ‘incorrigibly’ aggressive dogs for 10 years now, including service as an Operation Baghdad Pups trainer. His newest penchant is for the thrill of writing. He has an inspiring wife, two great kids, and four dogs. The entire pack lives in Haymarket, VA.

How I Found the Agency


It’s simple. Andrew’s was one of just 500 agencies in the book Guide to Literary Agents. Looking for war memoir narrowed the search to about 50. Andrew showed great and genuine interest in the story from the start. Of the many agents I approached, Andrew was the only one who hung in there with me, repeatedly writing back and offering the time and investment to have my several versions read. Andrew is one of a kind in the literary world and I am deeply indebted.



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