Lisa Clegg Biography

Lisa Clegg

Lisa Clegg was born in Colchester, Essex in 1980. Growing up in a large extended family she was surrounded by small children and babies constantly and decided on a career in childcare.

She attended The Colchester Institute where she obtained her NNEB Diploma in Childcare and Education in 1998 and went on to various jobs caring for babies and young children until her second child was born in 2006. She then embarked on a career as a nightly Maternity nurse advising new parents on care and development of their newborns, and providing them with a much needed nights sleep.  After having her 3rd child in 2011 she decided to begin writing a book with all her experiences both professionally and personally with her own 3 children, with advice to help other parents. It was not an easy task with caring for her own children, working full time nights and running a house but she was determined to finish and after 6 months The blissful baby expert was complete.

How I Found the Agency

I came across Andrews website as I was trawling through  literary agents and called him directly. I explained that The Blissful Baby Expert was listed on Amazon as an ebook and had been received very well by the many parents who had downloaded it and was receiving 5* reviews daily. Andrew asked me to email him the full manuscript so that he could read it. After Vermillion  made an offer from my initial direct submission , he  agreed to act as my Literary agent to negotiate the deal.