The Cottage
Lisa Stone

The Cottage


An isolated cottage…

After losing her job and long-term boyfriend, Jan Hamlin is in desperate need of a fresh start. So when the opportunity arises to rent a secluded cottage on the edge of Coleshaw Woods, she jumps at the chance.


A tap at the window…

Very quickly though, things take a dark turn. At night, Jan hears strange noises just outside, and faint taps at the window. Something, or someone, is out there.


 A forest that hides many secrets…

Refusing to give in to her fear, Jan stays in the cottage, determined to get her life back on track. But whoever is outside isn’t going away, and for Jan, the nightmare is only just beginning…

Book Details:

  • Author: Lisa Stone
  • Published Year: 2021
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Harper Collins
    • Russia: AST
    • Mexico: HarperCollins Mexico
Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone

As a writer of suspense thrillers I often ask myself what if? What if this happened instead of that? Or why a particular person reacted as they did. So often fact is stranger than fiction and these books start with a fact which I develop. You may be surprised to know, for example, just how many patients experience changes in their likes and dislikes after a transplant operation ~  The Darkness Within. Or how easy it is to look into someone’s home through their CCTV ~ Stalker.   Just a little bit about me. I live in England and have three children. I have always been a writ...
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Book Reviews

  • "A brilliant read…. many twists and turns… the ending was perfect... "
    Amazon 5* review
  • "Gripping from the start … "
    Amazon 5 * review
  • "Awesome…. Brilliant book… another success for Lisa Stone… "
    Amazon 5 * review
  • "I couldn't put the story down, (I read on my kindle), well written and very believable. "
    Amazon 5* review
  • "Absolutely brilliant! … Read in less than 24 hrs. I couldn’t put it down. Every chapter is gripping … "
    Bookbub 5 * review
  • "Another gripping story by Lisa Stone… "
    Goodreads 5 * review.
  • "A thoroughly good read … "
    Goodreads 5* review
  • "Love the twists. Read in 2 days ... Kept guessing and getting it wrong… "
    … Goodreads 5* review
  • "Excellent. I would highly recommend it to everyone"
    Rebecca on Twitter
  • "A fast paced action book "
    Sanjiv on Twitter.
  • "This author does it when it comes to thrillers! "
    Claire on Twitter
  • "A gripping thriller, couldn't put it down, literally read it in just a few hours. Perfect ending… "
    Sarah on Twitter
  • "An absorbing page-turner. Well done"
    Steve on Facebook.
  • "Best one yet. Absolutely amazing. Loved every minute of it. It was over far too quickly. Well done"
    Laura on Facebook
  • "Finished this book in about 8 hours. Couldn’t put it down, it was brilliant. "
    . Joan on Facebook.
  • "The Cottage was just something else. Fantastic. I couldn’t put it down."
    Nicole by email