Cabin Fever
Mandy Smith

Cabin Fever

Prepare for the ride of your life...with Mandy Smith: sexy Virgin trolley dolly, who always delivers service with a scarlet smile.

In-flight entertainment has never been so X-rated: from mile-high romps and layover frolics, to outrageous crew antics, drug-fuelled parties and explicit galley gossip, become Mandy’s travel companion as she takes off on a 12-year journey into the seductive world of flying.

With at least 500 flights to her name, Mandy takes readers around the globe on a series of thrilling adventures, revealing steamy details of her numerous love affairs, tales of mid-air dramas and near-disasters: how do you calm a cabin full of terrified travellers when an engine bursts into flames - or the captain has a heart attack just moments before landing? The demanding passengers, projectile vomit, drunken air-rage incidents, would-be terrorists, and celebrity tantrums ... Mandy’s seen and dealt with it all.

Cabin Fever also catalogues some harrowing moments of Mandy’s career, including the trauma of working through the tragic events of 9/11 and the Concorde disaster – events that crippled the aviation industry and left some crew emotionally scarred for life.

Set against a backdrop of exotic locations, featuring a cast of zany, uninhibited characters, Cabin Fever offers an exhilarating, and often hilarious, account of what it’s like to be a stewardess in the modern world of air travel.

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  • Author: Mandy Smith
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    • ANZ: Black Inc
    • US: Penguin
Mandy Smith

Mandy Smith

Mandy Smith  was born and raised in Hartlepool, County Durham. As a child she longed to be an air hostess, but suppressed this dream for several years to land herself a “proper job”. On leaving school she studied at Hartlepool College of Education, where she gained a HND in computer science. In 1996 she moved to Horsham, West Sussex, to work in the engineering department at Virgin Atlantic. But, after three years of menial office tasks, she could no longer resist the urge to take to the skies. So she took the plunge and applied to become a member of Virgin Atlantic’s...
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Book Reviews

  • "Mandy Smith spent 12 years as an international flight attendant and her memoir lives up to the young and saucy image the Virgin corporation is careful to cultivate."
    Sun Herald
  • "Sometimes you want to read books because a/ they’re incredibly trashy; b/they make you laugh; and c/they could be true. Cabin Fever is one such book.  "
    Canberra Times
  • "This fun read dishes on what it’s like to live with your head literally in the clouds ."
  • "Fasten your seat belt! From joining the Mile High Club to coping with a captain's in-flight heart attack, former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant Smith tells all in this fizzy summer cocktail of far-flung travel and high-flying gossip."
    Smart Traveler