Nadene Ghouri Biography

Nadene Ghouri

Nadene Ghouri is a multi-award winning journalist specialising in human interest and human rights issues. She is a former correspondent of both the BBC and Al Jazeera English and today is a freelance broadcaster and reporter working for BBC current affairs and leading publications including The Guardian and Mail on Sunday. She is the co-author of two New York Times bestsellers The Favoured Daughter about the life of Afghan human rights activist Fawzia Koofi and Born Into The Children of God with cult survivor Natacha Tormey. The Lightless Sky was named as one of the ‘buzz books’ of the 2105 London book fair and sold for six figure advances in both the US and UK.

How I Found the Agency

I initially signed with Andrew because he is an agent who really understands the way journalists work. He is always a pleasure to deal with and someone I trust immensely.