Natacha Tormey Biography

Natacha Tormey

Natacha Tormey  was born into The Children of God cult (also known as The Family International) and grew up  living in cult communes across South East Asia, East Africa and Europe. Her French-born parents both joined the cult in their late teens, raising their children within it.

Natacha was brainwashed, abused, beaten, frequently separated from her parents, fed on a diet of boiled rice and forced to sing and dance in prisons and shopping malls to raise money for the cult.

As a young adult Natacha had no idea how the modern world worked – simple things such as writing a CV, booking a doctors appointment or paying an electricity bill were all foreign to her. 

Several other children raised in the Children of God didn't make it. To date there have been almost 40 suicides by former cult children of Natacha's generation.Yet against all the odds she has both survived and thrived.

Today she works as a Human Resources Manager, is happily married and lives near London.

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