The Greatest Day in History: 11 November 1918
Nicholas Best

The Greatest Day in History: 11 November 1918

Armistice 1918, the last day of the war to end all wars. The fighting stopped at eleven a.m., but the casualties still amounted to eleven thousand, more than the whole of D Day. Men were sent over the top at ten thirty and mown down seconds later. Some made it to eleven, only to die as the clock struck the hour. Others were gassed as they lay wounded in hospital or blown to bits by random shells as they queued for the cookhouse or sat on the latrine. On both sides, men died needlessly while their comrades wearily laid down their arms, too exhausted to celebrate.

This is the story of the dramatic events they lived through, from the hurried abdication of the Kaiser on 9 November to the signing of the armistice two days later, a great flurry of activity from Washington to Berlin and across the western front as the Great War finally came to a close. Movingly told in a fast-paced documentary style (Cornelius Ryan the role model), it is the story of the ordinary soldiers in the trenches, their political and military leaders behind the lines, and the civilians at home, the men and women across half the globe who danced in the streets to celebrate one of the most fascinating and extraordinary days in the history of the world.

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  • Author: Nicholas Best
  • Published Year: 2009
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Nicholas Best

Nicholas Best

Nicholas Best grew up in Kenya and was educated there, in England and at Trinity College, Dublin. He served in the Grenadier Guards and worked in London as a journalist before becoming a fulltime author. His comic novel Tennis and the Masai was serialized on BBC Radio 4 and has recently been a best-seller in the Amazon Top 100. The Greatest Day in History, his account of the 1918 Armistice, was a Waterstone's recommendation of the month and has been translated into many languages.     In 2010, Nicholas Best was long-listed for the inaugural Sunday Times-EFG Private Bank award of...
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