Officer A Biography

Officer A

Officer A spent twelve years as a police officer, ten of them as a detective in the CID department. His father, mother, both grandfathers and a great grandfather were detectives before him. To say Officer A loved police work is a huge understatement. He has personally arrested over 500 criminals and assisted in the arrest of at least 500 more.

He has unrivalled experience in undercover, surveillance and armed operations, many infamous murder and rape investigations and long running projects to catch major drug dealers. He has a folder full of Judges’ and Chief Constables’ Commendations as well as commendations from foreign agencies.

Officer A took a leading role in an undercover operation that took him abroad and led to the arrest of one of the world’s most wanted drug dealers and the head of the country’s largest motorcycle gang in 2007. Several large-scale arrest and seizure operations followed, breaking-up a huge international criminal network. A price was put on Officer A's head as a result.

Officer A subsequently developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and resigned from the police in April 2010. Officer A, who has a young son, is separated from his wife. He currently consults in private security and co-owns a successful business.

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