Officer K: Exposing the bad guys as a female undercover cop
Officer K, Douglas Wight

Officer K: Exposing the bad guys as a female undercover cop

‘Officer K’ was an elite female undercover police officer – one of only a small number of women operating at that level in the UK.

In her powerful and compelling memoir, Officer K tells for the first time of:

•          The mental torture she endured at the hands of the force she’d risked her life for.

•          Her stellar career that saw her infiltrate serious and organised crime gangs, working under a host of aliases.

•          High pressure operations that led to the convictions of dangerous criminals.

•          A terrifying cancer diagnosis during a high-risk deployment in Belfast.

Officer K says: ‘I had one of the best jobs in the world. I was an undercover police officer, operating nationally and internationally. From infiltrating violent drug gangs on inner city housing estates to mixing with prominent members of society, I operated under completely different identities on deployments.

'I worked my way up from an enthusiastic recruit to one of the most respected undercover officers in the UK. I also delivered training and lectured on covert and undercover techniques throughout the UK, Eastern and Western Europe. I won awards, received accolades and gave every ounce of my soul to the job. Through it all I trusted the people in charge had my back if things went wrong. They didn’t.’

Officer K is a gripping, heartfelt and shocking memoir that shines new light on how the police treats its most highly trained and decorated officers.

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  • Author: Officer K, , Douglas Wight
  • Published Year: 2024
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Officer  K,

Officer K,

Officer K is a highly decorated former law enforcement officer, who specialised in undercover operations, working nationally and internationally, including the Metropolitan Police. Over the years she was deployed deep undercover and her work resulted in the arrests of hundreds of high level criminals. After 23 years, while working within a special operations unit, her distinguished career, operating against the highest levels of organised crime involving extremely dangerous work, was brought to an untimely end when she had to retire through ill health. Although no longer a part of the po...
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Douglas Wight

Douglas Wight

Douglas Wight is the author or ghostwriter of fifteen non-fiction books, most recently Son of Escobar (Ad Lib, 2020) an Amazon number 1 bestseller, The Bad Room (Harper Element, 2020), Into the Bear Pit (Arena Sport, 2020) and Against My Will (Harper Element, 2020). His previous books include The Laundry Man (Penguin, 2012), the memoir of Ken Rijock, a Miami-based money launderer for Colombian drug smugglers; the autobiography of Olympic gold medal winning hockey player Sam Quek (White Owl, 2018), which was long-listed for the Telegraph Sports Autobiography of the Year 2019; Unforgivable (...
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