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P J Wilcox

PJ Wilcox focuses on exposés related to international subterfuge and military operations. Previously, PJ spearheaded a satellite communications (sat-com) team, based in Washington D.C. when such technology was in its infancy. He followed the deployment of US foreign aid around the world, engaging at times with the World Bank, UN peacekeeping forces, heads of state and militaries, and consulates and commercial businesses. Those dealings provided him with a gripping and unique level of detail regarding military-related operational knowledge.

His exploits were wide and varied. At times he’d dine with Russian commanders, watch falcon hunting in Southeast Asia, or try his hand jumping out of planes in Central America. At other times, after witnessing the ravages of war-torn areas, he’d drive a Green Cross truck (regional version of the Red Cross at the time) to rescue victims blown up by land mines or wounded in fire fights in Latin American.  

PJ has had a string of hard-hitting features including Stuxnet –The Trojan Horse. A Noble Weapon?, a cover story for World Security Network unveiling the true origins of the computer virus that incapacitated Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities in 2010. The Red Mole was a world exclusive about the life of a double-agent spy (Polish intelligence working for the CIA) authorized by the operative, who tracked illegal arms proliferation. And Antidote for Civilization was an earth-shattering exposé which tackled the topic of the U.S. taking the war “front” into space in the form of electromagnetic pulse weaponry. 

How I Found the Agency

I originally honed in on Andrew Lownie since I'm keen on the military genre but at the time, I didn’t have the right fit. However, he referred me to Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood for one of our projects, which opened very significant doors for me. That eventually resulted in me circling back to Andrew once I had the “right” project. His strong encouragement and guidance has been key in my producing the most compelling – and marketable – book possible. 

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