A Moment of Grace
Patrick Dillon

A Moment of Grace

Patrick Dillon and Nicola Thorold were together for twenty-eight years. Patrick was a successful architect and writer, Nicola a leading theatre producer. On 31st May 2015, Nicola was diagnosed with leukemia. She died thirteen months later. Six months after that, at Christmas, Patrick started to write about what they had just been through together.

A Moment of Grace isn’t just a record of treatment and illness. It’s a book about a love affair, a marriage and a family. It describes the places Patrick and Nicola were happiest together, and the extraordinary bond that strengthened between them as Nicola’s illness took its course. It’s a book not only about the devastation of loss, but about the joy of being together; not only about dying but about surviving. 

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  • Author: Patrick Dillon
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Patrick Dillon

Patrick Dillon

PATRICK DILLON was born in London in 1962. Awarded a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge, he instead studied architecture in London, and qualified as an architect in 1987. His two crime novels, Truth and Lies, were published by Penguin in 1996 and 1997.In 2002 he combined long-standing interests in history and London with his acclaimed study of the Eighteenth-Century Gin Craze, The Much-Lamented Death of Madam Geneva, published by Headline. Based on lengthy research into original archives, court records and newspapers, Madam Geneva painted a vivid picture of crime, politics and social...
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Book Reviews

  • "Patrick and Nicola knew a love more genuine and true than most of us can ever dream. A Moment of Grace is one of the more beautiful books I’ve read: raw, gracious, candid and true."
  • " A narrative as intricate as it is affecting… profoundly moving account of a 28-year romance."