Covidiots: Ultimate Collection of the Dumbest, Weirdest and Most Ridiculous Coronavirus Stories
Paul Merrill

Covidiots: Ultimate Collection of the  Dumbest, Weirdest and Most  Ridiculous Coronavirus Stories

How NOT to respond to a global catastrophe!


The coronavirus pandemic brought out the very best…and the truly mind-boggling worst of humanity. For every heroic frontline care worker and 100-year-old charity walking old soldier, there were a multitude of dim-witted and outrageously irresponsible cretins whose brainless responses defied any rational explanation.


From frozen pizza riots, 5G mast burnings and Americans fearing Corona beer to tone-deaf celebrities ‘inspiring’ us, ludicrous conspiracy theories, men walking around Uxbridge dressed as greenhouses and a supermodel demanding a global celery movement to cure the virus, the pandemic pandemonium of 2020 showcased humanity in all its vile variations.


This book is the ultimate guide to hundreds of the wackiest, dumbest and most ridiculous stories of covidiocy that taught us that any hope we had for mankind might be sadly misplaced in a year of pandemic pandemonium when, at one point, a single toilet roll became more valuable than a barrel of crude oil.


Read and weep… and laugh:

  • Monkeys reclaim the streets
  • Woman names her twins ‘Covid’ and ‘Corona’.
  • Astrophysicist is hospitalised with five magnets up his nose after trying to invent a device to stop people touching their faces.
  • Armed SWAT teams ambush sunbathers.
  • London man gets one tattoo a day during lockdown, runs out of space after six weeks.
  • Kids made to wear 3m-wide hats in classroom.
  • Trump puts a labradoodle breeder in charge of Covid taskforce.
  • Online poll finds 84% blame Bill Gates for the outbreak.
  • Government advice on whether farts are a danger (they are, but you can blame the labradoodle).
  • Worst DIY tattoos.
  • South African government minister announces all Covid-19 patients will be issued with ‘vibrators’.

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  • Author: Paul Merrill
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Paul Merrill

Paul Merrill

Author of A Polar Bear Ate My Head, his memoir of his years as a magazine editor both in the UK and Australia, Merrill now writes full-time. His next books, comedy guides to grandparenting and fatherhood, are to be published by Random House Australia next year.He was an award-winning women’s magazine editor when he was inexplicably chosen for the biggest magazine launch in British history. When the weekly men’s titles, ZOO and Nuts burst onto the market, they transformed the magazine landscape and thrust Paul stumbling haplessly into a bewildering and surreal world in the full g...
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