Paul Merrill


Did you know that one in 10,000 chickens is transgender?  Or that Hitler made the world’s first 3D movie? 

Well, prepare learn these and 1027 other deliciously daft Gobsmackers - side-splittingly ridiculous, fun-sized tidbits of wholly random data aimed squarely at blokes.

More specifically, at blokes who have zero desire to better themselves by learning important, useful information, but are addicted to chuckling uncontrollably at hilariously pointless pieces of terrific trivia.


From robo-sharks and space vomit to killer cheese, monster machines and zombie-proof houses, this award-worthy compendium contains everything you need to be proclaimed a hero by your jealous mates down the pub.

The most laugh-out-loud fact book ever written, jam-packed with enough strange-but-true stories and weirdness to keep the discerning gentleman entertained and bemused for weeks.

An ideal Father’s Day present or stocking filler. 

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  • Author: Paul Merrill
  • On Submission
  • All rights are available
Paul Merrill

Paul Merrill

Author of A Polar Bear Ate My Head, his memoir of his years as a magazine editor both in the UK and Australia, Merrill now writes full-time. His next books, comedy guides to grandparenting and fatherhood, are to be published by Random House Australia next year.He was an award-winning women’s magazine editor when he was inexplicably chosen for the biggest magazine launch in British history. When the weekly men’s titles, ZOO and Nuts burst onto the market, they transformed the magazine landscape and thrust Paul stumbling haplessly into a bewildering and surreal world in the full g...
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