Maxwell: A Portrait of Power, Written with Anthony Delano
Peter Thompson

Maxwell: A Portrait of Power, Written with Anthony Delano

From the start there was the warning whiff of hubris about the man born Jan Lodvik Hoch who became known to the world as Robert Maxwell, the most controversial tycoon of our age. The gods he taunted – Truth, Honesty, Credibility – gave him a switchback ride through life: success to failure; glory to ignominy. Banned in Maxwell’s lifetime, this penetrating book examines the contradictions of his personality.

Secretive but obsessed with self-publicity. Magnanimous but cheap. Shrewd, gauche, capricious, crooked. And it discloses how members of the Establishment shrugged off Maxwell’s dodgy past thereby enabling him to carry out the biggest fraud in British criminal history.

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  • Author: Peter Thompson
  • Published Year: 1998
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Bantam
Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson, born in Melbourne, joined the London Daily Mirror in 1966. He was a Fleet Street journalist for twenty years, rising to night editor and deputy editor of the Daily Mirror, editor of the Sunday Mirror and a director of Mirror Group Newspapers. In 1988 Thompson was the first Mirror Group editor to break ranks and expose the criminality of his boss Robert Maxwell. Thompson’s first book, Maxwell: A Portrait of Power, written with former Mirrorman and fellow Australian Anthony Delano, detailed the publishing tycoon’s rise to power through acts of fraud, deception and ...
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Book Reviews

  • "A sprightly piece of investigative journalism."
    John Mortimer, Sunday Times
  • "Stuffed with good anecdotes."
    Francis Wheen, New Statesman