Reinhold Gartner Biography

Reinhold Gartner

Reinhold Gärtner studied at the University of Innsbruck (Mag.phil. 1984; Dr.phil. 1990) and was habilitated in 1995 at the Faculty of Social- and Economic Sciences at the University of Innsbruck. He has been lecturing at the Department of Political Science, since 1985 and has been an  associate professor since 2001.

Gärtner’s main focus in teaching is in the fields of Austria’s political System and Comparative Politics and his main fields of research are right wing populism and extremism, Austria’*s political System, Politics of Remembrance and Civic Education

Since 1997 Gärtner has been leading courses for young persons affiliated to right wing extremist ideologies in cooperation with the Higher Regional Court in Innsbruck.

How I Found the Agency


When looking for support in finding a publisher for the English version of the Kleinmann diary, I came across Andrew Lownie’s homepage. Having sent an e-mail in which I described my plans, Andrew replied within 90 minutes: “This looks very interesting”, he said and he suggested having the manuscript read by one of his authors, the former Auschwitz-prisoner Sam Pivnik.

But not only e-mails were answered immediately by Andrew, he also supported me and my proposal in a very friendly and straightforward way – and he shows a great deal of interest in contents.