Spanish Armada
Robert Hutchinson

Spanish Armada

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  • Author: Robert Hutchinson
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    • UK: Orion
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    • US: St Martin's Press
    • China: New World
Robert Hutchinson

Robert Hutchinson

Robert Hutchinson, author and broadcaster started his working life as a reporter on regional newspapers before joining The Press Association, (the news agency for UK and Irish media) as a night sub-editor. He returned to reporting, later becoming Defence Correspondent. In late 1983 he joined Jane’s Publishing Company as one of the team that successfully launched Jane’s Defence Weekly and became Publishing Director of Jane’s Information Group in 1987, responsible for its magazines, newsletters, books and digital products.Leaving a decade later, he compiled and edited two ed...
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Book Reviews

  • "The victory of the English navy over the Spanish Armada in 1588 is one of those defining moments in our history, a shining example, so the story goes, of British pluck and determination to succeed against almost overwhelming odds. Well no, not really, says historian Robert Hutchinson in his revelatory new book. Instead he argues that the Spanish forces were defeated by a combination of bad weather, poor strategy and sheer ill fortune ."
  • "The author does a magnificent job of describing the military campaign from Drake's daring raid on Cadiz to the critical battle of Gravelines, but he also shows what a close-run thing it was, and how Elizabeth was not supported unanimously by her own council and nobles. He also argues convincingly that, in terms of intelligence, and particularly the role played by her spymaster Francis Walsingham, this was a truly modern war ."
    Good Book Guide
  • "  In a book which successfully weaves together the different elements of the dramatic story, Robert Hutchinson, making use of fresh research (not least his own), sets out to consider the background and the events themselves, using all the evidence now available to historians ."
    The Tablet
  • "For fans of military history and the age of sail, this fast-moving and through account of the Armada will hit the spot. Hutchinson is particularly good at going behind the scenes of English and Spanish war efforts."
    Toronto Star
  • "  This is a well-written book by an accomplished author and its true strength lies in its skilful presentation of the period context. The account of the Spanish Armada and its unfortunate progress into battle and eventual ruin is well worth reading. Hutchinson places us in the centre of intrigue and action... This is history soaked in blood and bedecked with guts."
    Warships International Fleet Review