Hidden London: A Guide to the Capital’s Lesser-Known Attractions
Russ Willey

Hidden London:  A Guide to the Capital’s Lesser-Known Attractions

An illustrated anthology of around 300 lesser-known but interesting places, all within Greater London, written in the style of a guidebook.

These places and other sights include:

  • publicly accessible buildings (historic houses, former industrial buildings, museums, galleries, arts spaces, performance venues, etc.)
  • markets, parks, gardens and other open spaces
  • statues, monuments, architectural curiosities and other sights that can be observed from the public realm
  • plus a handful of themed walks

For almost everyone who knows London well, some of the attractions featured in this book may not be ‘hidden’ at all. But the ‘unhidden’ attractions will differ according to the parts and aspects of London with which the reader is especially familiar. The intention is that almost all readers will know little or nothing of the clear majority of attractions featured in the book.

Each listed attraction has some kind of story behind it – and this story is interwoven with a description of the present nature of the attraction, in three to four hundred words.

Subject to discussion with the publisher, the book may also include lesser-known recurring events, particularly historic ceremonies and the like, including some that take place at sites or buildings that do not themselves qualify as ‘hidden’ – for example the approximately annual Ceremony of the Constable’s Dues at the Tower of London.

What makes the book new and special?

  • Aims to be the most thorough and highest quality work yet targeted at the ever-growing market for books about ‘lesser-known London’
  • Comprehensive coverage of the whole of London
  • Text written by an ackowledged expert on the subject
  • High quality photographs of every attraction

Book Details:

  • Author: Russ Willey
  • On Submission
  • All rights are available
Russ Willey

Russ Willey

Russ Willey comes from an all-London family with roots traced back as far as an eighteenth century innkeeper on Oxford Street.To his great regret Russ was born just outside the present London boundary but he has tried to make up for this by spending almost all his adult life in the capital, living in Chiswick, the City and Twickenham.He studied social sciences at the University of York and has pursued a career in advertising and marketing.Russ’s interests include literature, popular culture and football – from Arsenal to West Ham and AFC Wimbledon. He is particularly fond of roc...
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