Arm of Eve: Investigating The Thames Torso Killer and his four murders
Sarah Bax Horton

Arm of Eve:  Investigating The Thames Torso Killer and his four murders

In a sequel to her debut non-fiction book One-Armed Jack: Uncovering the real Jack the Ripper, Sarah Bax Horton explores the contemperaneous police investigation into the Thames Torso Killer. In a case as difficult to crack as that of the Ripper, the author proposes a previously unknown prime suspect. He started to kill in Easter 1887, over a year before the Ripper, and his last murder was in September 1889, almost ten months after that of the Ripper’s last victim, Mary Jane Kelly. The Torso killer murdered and dismembered at least four women, in addition to the unborn child of the only victim who was identified. Although unsolved, his crimes revealed distinctive patterns of behaviour and movement that can be attributed to a named individual.


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  • Author: Sarah Bax Horton
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    • UK: The History Press
Sarah Bax Horton

Sarah Bax Horton

Sarah Bax Horton is a true crime writer, researcher and analyst, who previously served in the Foreign Office.  Born in South Wales in 1968, and educated at Monmouth, she graduated with a Master of Arts Honours degree in English and German from Somerville College, Oxford.  A fascination with genealogy and the Whitechapel Murders led her to write this book.  She lives in London with her husband.  
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