Perfect Money Saving
Smita Talati

Perfect Money Saving

Perfect Money Saving is the essential new round-the-year guide to squeezing more out of your money in todays financially stricken climate. It aims to save you at least £5,000 a year on your mortgage, food, fuel, travel and family expenses through a combination of thrift, good old-fashioned home economics, smart financial management and shrewd shopping around.

Divided into chapters for each month of the year, the book givesconcrete examples of how much you can save by making small changes to the way you shop, store food, cook, drive, plan holidays and use and maintain your home. By incorporating these changes into your lifestyle little by little youll acquire saving habits for life.

For most of us, our mortgage is our biggest financial outlay. Shaving 1% off the rate you pay on a 100,000 mortgage can save you nearly 1,000 a year. The Perfect programme steers you through the process of finding a cheaper mortgage. It also shows how to get cheaper insurances, save tax and maximise your savings.

Another area in which we can all save money is food shopping. The average British family throws away 640 of food a year. Each month we give tips on what seasonal foods to buy, how to plan meals and store foods correctly to avoid wastage. There are scrumptious recipes for using up leftovers and ways of saving thousands of pounds on utility bills.

Saving money is all about having a keen eye and being resourceful. Once you start youll find it becomes quite addictive. Youll be constantly on the look out for bargains and discounts and opportunities to sell, swap, recycle, customise, make and mend. If you're feeling the strain of the credit crunch, start the Perfect Money Saving programme today, you'll be richer, happier and healthier

Book Details:

  • Author: Smita Talati
  • Published Year: 2010
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Random House
Smita Talati

Smita Talati

Smita Talati is currently writing her first novel Viennese Waltz as a PhD student in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway University. She trained as a dancer, and took a first degree in Dance at Roehampton University in 1993, before becoming a financial journalist at the age of 24. She wrote a column Money Makeover on the back page of The Sunday Times' Money section for five years and was a regular contributor to the money pages of The Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, Mail on Sunday, Financial Times and several women's magazines. She is the author of three books on money and property; the m...
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