Stephen Dorril Biography

Stephen Dorril

Stephen Dorril is Senior Lecturer in Print Journalism in the Media and Journalism Department of Huddersfield University. He has been investigating the British security and intelligence services for more than twenty years. He is particularly interested in the realtionship between intelligence and politics.

He has appeared on numerous radio and television programmes - Panorama, Media Show, Secret History, World at One, NBC News, Canadian television, History Channel, French television etc. - as a specialist and consultant on intelligence matters. He is consultant to a forthcoming series on Channel Five on the Intellgience services.

He has also been researcher for authors such as Anthony Summers and Paul Routledge, and has written for the Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times, Mail and Evening Standard.

He is now writing 'The Dogs in the Street Say...: British Intelligence and the Irish Troubles' for Fourth Estate, has completed the research on a study of 'Gladio' - the Cold War stay-behind units created by MI6 and the CIA across Europe - and is working on a study of the relationship between MI6 and journalists over the past fifty years.