Need to Know
Timothy Good

Need to Know

Need to Know is the result of many years research by a top authority into the worldwide involvement of military and intelligence agencies in the UFO problem. The author has uncovered a wealth of astounding new material proving that, rather than a ‘New Age’ fad, UFOs are the most highly classified subject ever, demanding unprecedented levels of security and deception.

Highlights include:

  • Top Secret documents proving serious concern by military and intelligence chiefs
  • U.S. military recovery of an alien craft in 1945 – prior to Roswell
  • A French pilot serving in the USAF becomes the first to shoot at a UFO - in 1945
  • Several flying discs shot down by the U.S. in the late 1940s, resulting in an unprecedented wave of unexpained aircraft crashes.
  • UFOs in the Korean War, including one which irradiated troops
  • The loss of numerous planes and airmen during UFO intercepts
  • Encounters reported by pilots all over the world – including China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the former Soviet Union - often involving communications and electrical interference
  • Nuclear missile sites overflown by UFOs, sometimes paralysing launch systems
  • Unidentified submarine objects (USOs) reported by naval personnel
  • A low-level UFO seen by personnel at France’s rocket range in Algeria
  • A Chilean air force general describes his airborne encounter with a huge craft
  • A French nuclear bomber pilot is outmanoeuvred by a large UFO
  • A German pilot is warned by the USAF not to discuss his UFO encounter
  • Reports of unknown craft hovering at low level above aircraft carriers and destroyers
  • The latest near-misses with UFOs reported by pilots, including a triangular craft that buzzed two airliners approaching Dublin airport, causing damage to one aircraft
  • A doctor describes operating on an injured alien creature, one of two captured in Brazil

As Sunday Times defence correspondent James Adams wrote in his review of Beyond Top Secret, ‘The evidence that Good has amassed is too overwhelming to ignore and it is clear that a more open debate is long overdue.’ Taking the evidence dramatically further, A Need to Know will indeed stimulate a more open debate about this controversial, disturbing, yet exciting subject – the greatest secret on Earth.

Book Details:

  • Author: Timothy Good
  • Published Year: 2006
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Sidgwick & Jackson
    • US: Pegasus
    • Finland: UFOFINLAND
    • Germany: Verlag und Fachbuchversand
    • Romania: Editura Trei
Timothy Good

Timothy Good

Timothy Good became interested in UFOs in 1955. Now a leading authority, he has researched the subject worldwide, and his numerous contacts include astronauts, military and intelligence chiefs, pilots and politicians. He has written several best-selling books on UFOs and the alien presence, including Above Top Secret, Beyond Top Secret and Alien Liaison. His latest book, Unearthly Disclosure, was serialized in the Daily Mail.He is known to millions through his television appearances and has acted as consultant for several documentaries on the subject. He has lectured at universities, school...
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Book Reviews

  • "This has to be one of the best books on this subject. Included within are 431 pages of secret official documents and the complete cover-up of UfO sightings that our government and other governments have hidden for years. If you read no other UFO book this year this is the one you need to read."
    UFO Digest
  • "Clearly the best book to have been published on this phenomenon in two decades."
    Eye Spy