Tina Davis Biography

Tina Davis

Tina Davis endured the most horrific abuse imaginable as a child at the hands of her stepfather. She went on to have four of his children, hidden away in the warped world he had created for her, silenced by his chilling threats. Eventually she managed to escape and put her abuser behind bars. After she was reunited with her children Tina started to write about her experiences and Daddy’s Little Secret was published by Ebury in 2011. It has so far sold 80,000 copies. Tina Davis is a pseudonym – she cannot be identified to protect her family. Since gaining her freedom, Tina has focused on rebuilding her life. She now has five children and lives in the north-east of England where she has created a happy home for herself and her cherished family. In 2009 she met Andy, whom she describes as her rock and the two are engaged to be married.