Horatio Nelson
Tom Pocock

Horatio Nelson

This biography of Horatio Nelson juxtaposes details of his daily life, loves, friendships and opinions with the great events which make him one of the most memorable figures in British history. This is the story of the man who saved Britain from invasion and gave it maritime supremacy. The book was runner-up for the Whitbread Biography Award.

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  • Author: Tom Pocock
  • Published Year: 1994
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Pimlico
Tom Pocock

Tom Pocock

Tom Pocock is the author of 18 books (and editor of two more), mostly biographies but including two about his experiences as a newspaper war correspondent.Born in London in 1925 - the son of the novelist and educationist Guy Pocock - he was educated at Westminster School and Cheltenham College, joining the Royal Navy in 1943. He was at sea during the invasion of Normandy and, having suffered from ill-health, returned to civilian life and in 1945 became a war correspondent at the age of 19,the youngest of the Second World War.After four years wth the Hulton Press current affairs magazine gro...
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Book Reviews

  • "Tom Pocock presents a complete and completely believable Nelson... It is unlikely that another could have handled Nelson with the confidence and fluency,the combination of detachment and intimacy/which make this book so attractive and distinguished."
    N.A.M. Rodqer, The Times Literary Supplement
  • "Tom Pocock understands the Admiral. He is not frightened to say what Nelson thought, or felt. In consequence he has written a remarkably fine biography.... In Pocock's hands, Nelson re-emerges as a whole character. At last we can see why people loved him."
    Andrew Wheatcroft, Evening Standard
  • "A moving and absorbing story, here told with distinction."
    J.W.M. Thompson, The Literary Review
  • "So here we find the real man....a great read."
    Ronald Blythe, Country Life
  • "A moving and absorbing story,here told with distinction."
    J.W.M.Thompson, Literary Review