You Can't Park There!: The Highs and Lows of an Air Ambulance Doctor
Tony Bleetman

You Can't Park There!: The Highs and Lows of an Air Ambulance Doctor

I am an air ambulance doctor, hospital consultant and pilot. I have written this book describing my journey through the establishment and management of modern air ambulance units in England.

To my knowledge there are no other published works dealing with air ambulance work, although there have been numerous ‘fly on the wall’ TV programmes and one recent American TV drama (‘Trauma’). This book illustrates the development of a new medically-led air ambulance service with dramatic, graphic and often humorous mission descriptions.

I believe it is unique because the book:

  • Tells the real story behind volunteer air ambulance work – a modern day MASH
  • Uses descriptions of missions to illustrate the time line of air ambulance development
  • Will appeal to readers with an interest in medical TV programmes (‘fly on the wall’ and dramas)
  • Will appeal to readers who have an interest in aviation as helicopter flying is described to an understandable level of depth
  • Tells the story through the actions and interactions of vivid characters
  • Describes how air ambulances save lives and reduce suffering
  • Has dramatic medical rescues described in detail
  • Exposes the vulnerability of helicopter crews
  • Has an engaging human perspective
  • Has enough comedy moments to lighten the sometimes dark stories
  • Educates the reader on the history and evolution of aeromedical work starting from the Franco-Prussian War in hot air balloons, via the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam, through to modern day professional and high-tech medically led critical care helicopters.

The book is written in a humorous, biographical style and medical matters are presented in terms easily understood by the lay person. The stories are ‘inspired’ by real life events which are used to illustrate the evolution of modern air ambulance work.

I have used descriptions of missions to tell the story of the pilots, doctors, paramedics and support staff. Some of the material is gritty and graphic. I believe it reveals the human side of those working on air ambulances and also informs the reader of the workings of these units.

Book Details:

  • Author: Tony Bleetman
  • Published Year: 2012
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Ebury
Tony Bleetman

Tony Bleetman

Tony Bleetman is a consultant in Emergency Medicine and an air ambulance doctor.He grew up in London and went to live in Israel at the age of 17. After medical school he served in the Israeli Defence Forces as a soldier, a trainee helicopter pilot and finished his service as a military doctor in the anti-terrorist unit.In 1991, having tired of Middle East politics, he returned to the UK and embarked on his career in Emergency Medicine. Throughout his career, he has been active as a volunteer doctor, responding for the ambulance service to offer advanced medical assistance at difficult scene...
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