Journalisted. Are You Listed?

Author and freelance journalist Nick Pope explains the benefits of an important site for writers.

Many of the Agency’s authors - myself included - have written articles and features for a variety of national newspapers. If you fall into this category, the chances are that you already have an entry on Journalisted. But it’s worth checking that you do have an entry and that your entry is comprehensive and up to date.

Journalisted is a free resource, available to all via their website. Run by the Media Standards Trust (a registered charity), it’s an independent, non-profit site, the primary aim of which is to make the news more accessible and accountable to the public, by enabling them to find out more about those who write it. The site allows people to search articles by journalist, news outlet, subject or key word, but that’s just for starters. Other features allow you to find similar articles to ones you’re interested in and to set up alerts when particular journalists write a new feature.

Much of the process is automated. The site automatically searches news websites (mainly UK national daily and Sunday newspapers) and articles are indexed by journalist, based on the article’s byeline. But while the system is automatic, it isn’t foolproof and this is where it’s worth checking your entry, because the system allows you to notify the site of missing articles. Furthermore, the site allows you to put links alongside your entry. In my case, I’ve ensured that the Agency’s website and my own personal website are listed. But if you have them, you can also add your Wikipedia page, blog, Facebook profile or Twitter account, if you are so inclined.

Journalisted make a point of stating that the site isn’t a PR tool and say that it’s for the public, not for journalists. Nonetheless, for those authors who also write for the national press, it can clearly be an extremely useful resource. Firstly, by sending a hyperlink to your own entry, you can ensure a recipient can quickly and easily access all your journalistic output, providing an excellent way for you to showcase your work. Secondly, it makes you more visible to people such as features editors looking to commission articles on particular subjects.

The site is straightforward and easy to navigate. It won’t take you long to find out what it’s all about, check your entry and add in any missing articles and links. So there you have it. It’s quick, it’s free and it may help you get further commissions. Need I say more?