Website comments

The website continues to garner a favourable reaction. Here are a selection of recent comments:

“I liked your website very much - it was very friendly and well-presented and approachable!” Amanda Goodman

“I wanted to thank you for the guidance given in the ‘How to Submit’ section of the website. It was refreshing and honest, and has given me insight on how to tailor my own submissions in the near future.” David Wildman

“The Weekly Diary is not only funny, entertaining and highly illustrative of the mechanics of both publishing and agenting, it can give both active and prospective authors a clear and broad understanding of the commercial context in which they are operating.” Christian Jennings

“I can’t think of any other agent’s website that has made me laugh out loud in quite the way your piece on ‘Submission Tips’ did.” Ann Forbes Cooper

“You have the best website of an agent that I’ve seen.” David Hurst

“Lovely website. Good reading. An agent who clearly wishes to keep in touch and works even during long weekends!” Alex Auswaks

“The website’s looking better and better. Classy, informative, readily navigable and very professional. ” Russ Willey

“Love the new website…a very energizing and inspiring read.” Suzie Doscher and Jane Long

“I have just been perusing your site; I am a fan. Totally. It’s easy to use and full of info. (I work for a digital ad agency, I see a LOT of websites!)” Carrie Linder

“Thank you so much for the helpful tips on your website! I really enjoyed looking through it. I learned a lot about how to submit my queries to different agents and your website is really the only place where I have seen tips with such attention to detail.” Marina Kato Hoag

“You are by far the quickest legitimate agent I have come across so far. The content on your website is significantly more useful than what I have seen on any other agent’s website.” Nikolai Chilikoff

“The website looks fantastic.” Nicola Carley

“I’m very happy to join the chorus of praise for the website – much livelier and snappier than before with a real sense of immediacy” Selwyn Parker

“…a great site. It is really clear, detailed and friendly.” Rebecca Woodhead

“Congratulations on such a splendid and informative website!” Alex Auswaks

“I do enjoy your newsletter, and your new web site is terrific…the developer did a great job… Your site is very easy to navigate, the blue tones are pleasing, and the changing news and other content is actually very very nicely done.” Chris Lambright

“I really do think the website is brilliant - very friendly but still professional.” Owen Edwards

“I enjoy the monthly mailout – I’m not aware of any other agent who takes the time to provide such informative and insightful updates of the publishing world to non-professionals. Yours seems a fresh and innovative agency.” Max Dunbar

“Your web site is without doubt the best of any agent I have looked at over the past 2 days. It is online communication at it’s finest. It precisely sets the expectation for submission.” Alan Campbell

“Your website, however, has the edge over your competitors, and your newsletters make for constructive and motivating reading.” Trysh Ashby-Rolls

“I was very impressed with your website and your passion, professionalism and work ethic shine through. It’s a very good website, very informative and just what people like myself are looking for – practical, straightforward information and advice.” James Fuller

“You have a exceptionally good website” Gordon Robson

“I thought your website had a really friendly and approachable tone, which persuaded me to pick up the phone and find out if you were in the market for new authors.” Catherine Quinn

“You have a good website, very clearly written and laid out. And great cartoons!” Pete Spurrier, Blacksmith Books

“…thank you for your informative and helpful website. I found it easy to read, friendly and precise.” Sandra Lawrence

“It was your website that really attracted me to contacting you. The website is not only welcoming, but is also very informative and considerate. ” Genyfer Spark

“I wanted to write to you to thank you for your fantastic website. I am presently putting together a proposal and your advice and the articles you have posted on your site have been of huge assistance.” Adam Sharp

“I have been receiving your newsletter for about a year and find it a very interesting and useful read. My own writing is in the fiction genre but believe it is always useful to have a wider knowledge of writing and writers and this I get from your site. I have to say I am rather taken with what seems to be a very personal service to all your authors, a service that seems to be missing with many other agencies. I look forward to reading many more newsletters.” June Gundlack

“Your website is extremely impressive. Organised, easy to follow. Everything works. Bliss. How unusual that is…You are very welcome to quote my comments re your website. It is the best I have ever seen. I get so sick of whistles and bells, if you know what I mean. Stuff that takes hours to download. So unnecessary.” Penny Young

“I get your newsletter and usually go see what’s new on your website. I wanted to compliment you on it… I don’t know if you’re able to sell the first work of every new client you take on, but at least you ACT like you can, which shows true confidence on your part. It’s also just plain smart in terms of PR. I’m sure lots of industry people look at the ON SUBMISSION section of your site to see what you’ve currently offering… Your authors are damn lucky to have you as their agent. “ Mike Wells

“I just wanted to say that your site is human, funny and at the same time informative.” Gordon Mays Baird, son of John Logie Baird

“Your web site is informative, well laid out, to the point and your love of writing and, more importantly, your love of writers shines. ” George Maciver

“Thanks, too, for taking the time to consider this submission. In terms of customer relations and courtesy, your outfit stands head and shoulders above the many others we have approached.” Gerry Cassidy

“I wish to thank you for the invaluable advice gained from the articles on your website. I am currently in the process of writing my first novel and have begun to research into agencies and submission procedures for fiction. The article “Fifteen Tips on Approaching an Agent” made the process clearly understandable and I appreciate the insider tips.” Marie Withers

“After searching for an agent, I found myself attracted to your services through the open and friendly (yet very professional) presentations on your website.” Mol Smith

“The main reason, though, is your great website and the philosophy expressed on it, which is refreshingly more author-oriented that what I have seen.” Eugene F. Elander

“I am a huge fan of your website and regularly check in on it to see the articles that have been posted. I particularly enjoyed the Day In The Life Of A Literary Agent feature. I have a quick scan of the Internet most days to see what is happening in the publishing industry, and I hope I don’t sound sycophantic in saying that your Agency seems to be one of the most forward thinking and innovative.” Stephen Morris

“The advice given in the “submitting a proposal” section is the best I have ever come across. I used to work in publishing (and I still have half a foot in it, freelancing part-time for OUP) and I know exactly whyyou want the information specified, especially in regard to the market. ” Jean Buchanan, OUP

“Thank you for your very comprehensive, helpful web-site which I discovered by chance. This was my first encounter with a literary agent and it would seem on this evidence some of you at least are not nearly so scary as I had feared!” Sarah Griffin

“I think your website is excellent. There’s more good advice there than anything in the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, and the tone is consistently upbeat and encouraging, particularly in the ‘How to Submit’ section.” Darrell Alden

“I have just been browsing through your fabulous website and wanted to thank you for the encouragement and solid advice you give to writers. I am currently searching for agents to approach with my book and it is a terrifyingly daunting process! Your website cheered me up just by its friendly approachable style.” Georgiana Treasure-Evans

“The reason I am writing to you in particular is that I found your website and thought it was first class in design, layout and content. A well thought-out website is usually an indication of prefessionalism in a company.” Jim Brown

“… what a pleasure it is to be able to read and easily navigate through your website. You answered all the faqs so well, I really felt confident about which way to proceed.” Anna Pembroke

“I thought I would just send you a quick email to tell you that of all the literary agency websites I have seen yours stands out as professional and helpful to authors..” A Maherali

“I commend you on your very helpful & comprehensive website.” Ger Ruygrok