The Beckett Approval
Duncan Falconer

The Beckett Approval

A terrorist attack is coming… but from who?

MI6 field operator, Devon Gunnymede, serving time for drugs theft, is temporarily released from jail to act as bait in order to help crack a sinister plot involving a Russian drug tsar.

He’s teamed up with a Scotland Yard analyst, Bethan Trencher, to investigate a mysterious organisation that executes killers of military personnel, which leads to the discovery of a threatened ISIS attack on London.

But is ISIS truly behind the attack, or is someone far more sinister on their way?

The Becket Approval is a fast-paced, twisty thriller from an author with real-life Special Forces experience. Perfect for fans of Chris Ryan and Stella Rimington.

Book Details:

  • Author: Duncan Falconer
  • Published Year: 2019
  • All rights are available

Duncan Falconer

After an upbringing in an orphanage in North London he moved to Battersea where he lived and went to school and at 17 joined the Royal Marines. Due to a series of unusual circumstances he found himself attending the Special Boat Squadron selection in Poole, Dorset at just 19 years old. Out of almost 150 men, he and 8 others managed to get through the gruelling selection course. He subsequently went on to serve a dozen years in the SBS, many of them as an anti-terrorist undercover operator.He was a pioneer of modern maritime counter terrorism and was involved in operations during the Falklan...
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