Murder in the Family
Jeremy Josephs

Murder in the Family

On the beautiful island of Jersey, the wealthy Newall family were the epitome of success; Roderick, the eldest son, was a handsome Royal Green Jackets lieutenant, his younger brother, Mark, was a financier. On the night of 10 October 1987 Nicholas and Elizabeth Newall went out to dinner with their sons to celebrate her 48th birthday. It was the last time that the parents were seen alive. Sometime during that evening, they were bludgeoned to death at their home, their bodies removed, leaving only bloodstains behind.

For six years Roderick Newall denied all responsibility for the murder - even after his dramatic arrest on the high seas by a Royal Navy frigate, followed by extradition from Gibraltar to stand trial on Jersey. But he could no longer live a lie, and took detectives to a beauty spot on the island where he had buried his parents with the help of his younger brother, Mark.

What drove Roderick to murder his apparently loving parents? And why should Mark Newall have been prepared to put his loyalty to his brother above that to his parents, thus becoming an accomplice to murder?

 Murder in the Family  is the gripping account of Jersey's most notorious and fascinating murder case: the hunt to track down and convict the Newall brothers is a thriller without parallel. Jeremy Josephs has had extensive co-operation from those close to the case and the Newall family in writing this enthralling book.


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  • Author: Jeremy Josephs
  • Published Year: 2013
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Simba

Jeremy Josephs

Born in 1956,  Jeremy Josephs graduated from Leeds University before attending the Inns of Court School of Law and being called to the Bar in 1979.  He then accepted an offer to attend Bordeaux University as a lecturer-in-law for one year.  He went on to become political assistant to the Rt. Hon. Sir David Steel, MP, then the leader of the Liberal Party.  The period of his employment with the Liberal Party coincided with the birth of the SDP and the subsequent formation of the Liberal-SDP Alliance. The story of the development this political union formed the subject matt...
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