Even more Submissions

Andrew Lownie continues his series of extracts from recent submissions.


Very dear Andrew,

Dear Mr. Andrew,

Greetings Mr. Lownie,

Dear Anthony Lownie,

Dear Gentle People

To the Agency,

Dear Editor,

Dear Sir/Madam at the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency,

Dear Mrs Lownie:

Dear Lovely One,

Hello Man,

Greetings from a finally snow-free Minnesota!

Dear ;

Dear Art Director ,

Hi Good Day,

Hello Andrew Lownie Agency

Hello All,

The Chief Executive Officer, Literary Agency,

Andrew, hello


Hi there.

Hello Andy,

Dear Agency,

Hi Literary Agent

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Andrew Lownie Literary Agency,

Dear Madams and Sirs at Andrew Lownie Literary Agency,

Dear Literary Representative,

Hope things are good with you and that you are having a happy time sledging.

Dear Mr Mownie, I have been recommended you!


I can ride a bike non-handed for a really long time (at least five miles).

I have worked with psychiatric institutions, hospitals, state and city run programs, prison farms and once with a coven of mountain witches in Tibet whose main role in their community was to choose among the villagers those slated for that years forced suicides, all in an attempt to uncover some thread of human authenticity

…is a poet from Naropa Institute and a painter from Columbia University. She has also been a graduate student Research Fellow at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Caltech/NASA). Alison now lives in Manhattan and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

I speak five languages, won on “Jeopardy!” and have visited over 70 countries—last year Guatemala, Honduras, Turkey and Greece (where my May birthday was in Xanthi).

I am a former Walt Disney World Face Character Performer (Snow White) as well as “Miss Nevada United Nations” 2008-2009.

I was visited by three angels initially telling me that Jesus was returning soon, among other things, and I have experienced a number of visions and experiences, including being visited by the Holy Ghost a number of times. I feel so blessed, but this country is a hard one.

I’m married to a Belgian nurse; we have two kids, an emotionally challenged English Cocker and a Siamese cat.


I should be extremely grateful if you would read the attached short piece of writing, and would then be so kind as to reply to me with any thoughts, comments or suggestions you may have.

I am writing to enquire if you or one of your colleagues would be interested in valuing a book manuscript for marital dispute purposes, and your estimate of your fees for doing so.

I am trying to get some information on Olympia Publishers in London. Can you help? I am an unpublished author of a work that Olympia has offered to publish.

How does one subscribe to Intelligence Quarterly

A submission to the Chilcott Enquiry in pencil on a card with a kitten and a butterfly.

I am creating a set of cards (oracle) with its own user-manual. To go with the oracle I am creating body, aura and pillow sprays.

I am writing a serious of four multi - functional children’s books, a book of modern poems, and another autobiography in the process relating to an adopted child, and another adult espionage thriller in progress. I am also looking for an agent to promote my CD Orchestral Themed Works(c) 11 cds to date with one in progress, and a double cd Dance club album. I have also designed 3 board games to go with children’s books

One suggestion I have heard is that an author ought to read everything and anything, but also be certain to read books in the genre in which one wishes to write. I realise you are busy, but could you please recommend autobiographies I ought to read?

As an agent, can you tell me if a memoir query should be written in the first or third person. We are getting mixed opinions and decided to ask you to settle this debate.

My books have 10 black and white pages of my art to be colored in.

I am searching for V.S. Ramachandran’s literary agent for the UK. Could you be he?