Centurion of the Inner Circle: The Secret Service of Ronnie Sinclair: 1889-1988
Ben Wright

Centurion of the Inner Circle: The Secret Service of Ronnie Sinclair: 1889-1988

Ronald Sinclair was the alias of a British intelligence agent born ‘Reginald Teague-Jones’ in 1889.  He came to public attention largely through the work of a journalist, Peter Hopkirk, in the 1980/90s.  Wright's biography places Sinclair, almost entirely overlooked in intelligence history, where he deserves to be: at the heart of the British counter-intelligence effort against numerous adversaries during the first half of the Twentieth Century. 

It reveals Sinclair’s early life for the first time, and:

  • Provides fresh evidence of Imperial German support for the Bolsheviks.
  • Proves Sinclair’s lifelong connection with Valentine Vivian of the S.I.S.
  • Casts new light on the murder of the ’26 Baku Commissars’.
  • Establishes a history of the S.I.S. operation ‘Military Intelligence Russia’.
  • Discusses the early career of Col. Frederick Kisch, founder of the Mossad.
  • Details Sinclair’s intelligence career in the S.I.S and MI5 between the wars.
  • Shows close links between Stalin and the German military, pre-1933.
  • Establishes Sinclair’s role in British Security Coordination.
  • Reveals Sinclair’s undercover operations in the Battle of the Caribbean.
  • Raises understanding about the Allied victory in the Battle of the Atlantic.
  • Sheds greater light on British bribery to keep Spain out of WWII.
  • Speculates on the astonishing notion that Soviet politician Anastas Mikoyan, who defused the 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis, was a British asset.


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Ben Wright

Ben Wright

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