Bercow:: Rowdy Living in the Tory Party
Bobby Friedman

Bercow::  Rowdy Living in the Tory Party

A biography of Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, based on original interviews with more than one hundred people, including MPs from both sides of the House of Commons, Bercow’s political allies, those plotting his downfall and a range of figures from his past- whether it be his tennis partner when he was a ten year old schoolboy or members of the Monday Club who knew Bercow as a rabid right-winger. As Mr Speaker continues to create controversy, Friedman examines why he is disliked by so many on the Conservative benches and discovers the reasons behind his political conversion.

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  • Author: Bobby Friedman
  • Published Year: 2011
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: GIbson Square
Bobby Friedman

Bobby Friedman

Bobby Friedman was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge where he gained a 1st and was President of the Union. He has worked as a journalist for the BBC for a number of years, appearing on TV and radio, most notably as a presenter/investigative reporter for the current affairs programme “Spotlight” on BBC1 NI. He has also worked as a producer, both for BBC Live Political Programmes and BBC Newsnight, where he was part of the team shortlisted for a Royal Television Society Award for an investigation into the cost of translation services.
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Book Reviews

  • "A fascinating, well-researched study of one of the most eccentric and controversial figures to reach high office in modern times."
    Michael Crick
  • "...a readable, well-researched profile of one of the more colourful political figures of our time."
    Chris Mullin, Mail on Sunday
  • "Compelling ."
    Rod Liddle Sunday Times
  • "Good on rightwingery."
    Quentin Letts, Spectator
  • "Bobby Friedman, an accomplished television journalist, has produced an engaging portrait of John Bercow... this book is well worth a read – and a good chuckle."
  • "It’s a compelling portrait of a political loner who seized his moment and became Mr Speaker Bercow...Friedman’s biography is an essential guide to understanding the man at the fulcrum of parliamentary democracy today."
  • "It tells us things we didn’t know (most especially about Mrs Bercow)...most of all, this book is a pleasure to read. The writing is lucid, the analysis clear and forthright, and the judgments are fair. Friedman has a bright authorial future."
    City AM