Cassie Pike Biography

Cassie Pike

Cassie Pike, 22, loves nothing more than taking her two children to the park, reading them bedtimes stories or showering them with kisses and cuddles. It is the kind of life she herself longed for as a child. Tragically her mother was diagnosed with a life-limiting disease when Cassie was a baby and from the earliest age, she was a young carer.

Her father, a drug taker and gambler, was often absent and always violent.

This lack of a stable and loving home made her vulnerable to the evil men who preyed on her in Halifax from the age of 12 till her escape four years later.

In 2016 Cassie’s evidence helped convict 17 men for crimes such as rape and child trafficking totalling over 175 prison time. Afterwards, she was praised by the police, the judge and the authorities for her immense courage and bravery.

Her book Prey is the shocking yet powerful true story of her life at the centre of the Halifax child sex exploitation ring.

She says: ‘I will use whatever time I have to fight child sexual exploitation in this country. I’m pleased that I’ve made one small part of this country safer and that these evil men are behind bars but it’s important for people to know how it was possible for these men to get away with what they were doing for so long. This is happening all over the country and it’s time we all woke up!’