The Bumper Book of Black Magic
Jimmy Lee Shreeve

The Bumper Book of Black Magic

Dark and powerful spells and conjurations for gaining love, sex, fame and money...and for cursing, hexing and jinxing your enemies.

· Plus: Foolproof methods of selling your soul to the Devil for fame and fortune (a must for wannabe celebrities). Along with Doktor Snake's notorious Penis Jinxer Spell. Read at your peril!

THE BUMPER BOOK OF BLACK MAGICK is a manual for using the dark arts to get what you want out of life. It's not about achieving spiritual enlightenment. It's about getting all the money, sex and fame you want. And it's about dealing inhumanely with enemies or people that get in your way by hexing them.

In other words, this book provides you with the power to sculpt your life the way you want it to be.

Maybe you need to get rid of an unwanted lover? Or attract a new one? Or have three-in-a-bed sex? Or perhaps you need a fast injection of cash? A better paid job? Or a lottery win?

Alternatively, you may need to slap a curse on an enemy? Deal with an annoying boss? Or jinx a colleague? Or maybe you want to become a celebrity? A big rock star? Or appear on TV?

All this, and more, can be achieved with black sorcery, as outlined by Doktor Snake. He provides full instructions on how to use talismans, amulets and voodoo dolls. There's also a chapter on creating sigils - a simple, but devastatingly effective form of shamanic magick using pen and ink on parchment.

Also covered is how to use playing cards (the Devil's picture book) to divine the future and read the flow of fate as it unfolds. Plus advice on reading the omens, such as an unexpected visitor turning up out of the blue, or a raven cawing on a wall you happen to be walking past.

All the magickal signs and sigils in the book are illustrated by Doktor Snake. And he gives detailed guidance on how to create your own for maximum effect.

There's a section on using MP3 audio files on your iPod for spell workings as an alternative to performing the needlessly complex rituals of traditional black magick. Doktor Snake also reveals how the internet can be used to perform black magick rituals with others around the world. Creating a "cyber-coven" with global-reach is a powerful way to supercharge spells and conjurations.

Also included are stories and anecdotes from Doktor Snake's personal files, and from sorcerers and witches he has been associated with over the years.

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  • Author: Jimmy Lee Shreeve
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Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Jimmy Lee Shreeve is a bestselling cult author and journalist. His books include "How To Be Famous" (Orion), the cult classic "Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook" (St Martin’s Press), "Cannibals" (John Blake), "Blood Rites" (Random House), and "Human Sacrifice" (Barricade).Jimmy’s byline and work has appeared in over 1000 newspapers, magazines and online media all over the world, including The Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Express, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Mail On Sunday, Best Magazine, Chat, How To Spend It, Maxim, Front, and The Sun.He has made ...
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